"www.ipurangimana.com" By Tawera Tahuri Nga Ariki Kaiputahi

Loose Canvas



Acrylic on Loose Canvas.

Painted in response to the merger between the Internet party of Kim.com and the Mana Party led by Hone Harawira. Each named 'Pou' figure depicts the living example of Treaty of Waitangi Partnership in action.

The Ipurangi text has been mis-spelt purposefully, a play on words. IPU RA 'G'NI (the 'G' a modern day reference to a closemate and the 'NI' a reference to Tame Iti who is from Tuhoe and who has recently settled with the Crown) and his apparent deflection to the Maori Party who are in an alliance with the National Party.  National are selling off our whenua. This is outrageous! Kupapa or not? (sellout)?

Each dripped line is a reference to the many paths that are travelled whether they are with purpose and reward or not. Each is a valuable direction in every journey.

The plane a reference to the immigrants to Aotearoa (The land of the 'CLOUD'), the laptop and aerials referencing 21st Century technology.

The Southern star is referenced as well as the sun which is first seen in the world, in Gisborne, East Coast of NZ and where the artist is from.

Seven circles depict the 7th Generation principal of Nga Ariki Kaiputahi the Iwi (Tribe) of the artist and the importance of the next seven generations into the future. What we do today will have an everlasting effect on them.
There is an acknowledgment to the Skokomish Tribe of the North West Salish peoples of the USA where the artist was artist in residence twice, in the dog and five fingers designs.

Finally the Tino Rangatiratanga Flag is an ode to Linda Munn the surviving designer, who is tirelessly involved in Indigenous/Maori activism and the arts. He mihi!
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